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Reception hall

Harmonie H at State Himeji Bank

At Harmonie H, in the former State Himeji Bank building in front of Himeji Station, we use food unique to Himeji to create special moments that will last in the hearts of all types of customers. We offer services tailored to your needs, such as receptions, lectures, meetings, exhibitions and more.

Address 670-0912 Minami-machi 47
Tel: (079) 287-1222(Bridal) (079) 287-1241(Restaurant)
Holidays Tuesdays (open if Tuesday is a national holiday, may change depending on banquet and wedding schedule)
WiFi Available
Parking 70 cars


Venue name Floor Capacity (persons)
Formal dinner Cocktail style Conference format
Art du Cut 3 100 180 90
Hannelore 1 90 150 80
Library Ralbil B1 40 55 15

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