Unique Venues

Unique Venue
Unique Venues Himeji Plan

You can use unique venues, including Himeji Castle, a World Heritage Site and National Treasure, as venues for your various meetings, including receptions and parties.
Please make use of these venues to make hosting your convention at Himeji even more attractive and valuable.

  • San-no-Maru Plaza

    San-no-Maru Plaza

  • Himeji City Museum of Art

    Himeji City Museum of Art

Uses of Unique Venues

  • - Reception parties
  • - Various ceremonies
  • - Conferences, academic conferences, seminars
  • - Product unveilings
  • - Press conferences, exhibitions, etc.
  • Ni-no-Maru Plaza

    Ni-no-Maru Plaza

  • San-no-Maru Nishitakadai

    San-no-Maru Nishitakadai

    Koko-en Garden

    Koko-en Garden

    Himeji Literature Museum

    Himeji Literature Museum

  • Shosha Handicraft Museum

    Shosha Handicraft Museum

    San-no-Maru Plaza

    San-no-Maru Plaza

Available facilities

Himeji Castle San-no-Maru Plaza (all)
San-no-Maru Plaza (half)
San-no-Maru Nishitakadai
San-no-Maru Large Column Plaza
Ni-no-Maru Plaza
Himeji Castle West Imperial Palace Ruins Garden
Himeji City Museum of Art (front garden)
Himeji Literature Museum (Bokeitei West Plaza, rooftop terrace)
Himeji City Shosha Handicraft Museum

Location of available facilities

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