Reception Halls

Reception hall

Harima-no-Kuni Sosha Shrine

Harima-no-Kuni Sosha Shrine has a 1,400-year history. It enshrines the deities Itate-no-Okami and Hyozu-no-Okami. Every day, we look forward to serving you the seasonal blessings of Harima, a treasure trove of food prepared using authentic Japanese tastes and methods, served at our restaurant and as wedding dishes.

Address 670-0015 Shosha Honmachi 190
Tel: (079) 224-1111 (Switchboard)
Holidays None
WiFi None
Parking 30 cars


Venue name Floor Area (㎡) Capacity (persons)
Seats Standing room
Choseiden 1 185 100 120
Horai 2 170 80 100
Harima 2 205 120 140

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