Convention Facilities

Convention Facilities

Wink Stadium

The stadium can be used for hard and soft baseball (it cannot be used for softball).
It is equipped with facilities such as an office, a press room, team rooms, meeting rooms, changing rooms, indoor practice areas, a recording room, and a broadcasting room.

Address 670-0794 Iida 540
Tel: (079) 293-8574
Holidays 12/28 - 1/4
WiFi None
Parking Available (public)


Venue name Area (㎡) Capacity (persons)
Ballpark 12,942 14,000
Right and left fields: 100 m, infield: 120 m, infield stands: 8,000 seats, outfield stands: 6,000 seats
Infield: dirt, outfield: natural grass
No lighting

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